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The intention to start Parwaz was to make a platform, where we can meet, talk and recite everything poetry. Poetry, when discussed with different people with different perspectives and from different walks of lives, unveils infinite dimensions to the finite set of written words.. In continuation to that intent, we started the series of 'baithaks' which spin around a poet, a theme or an epic poem. We meet on last Saturday of every month, and novices and experts on the subject are equally welcome to join us, contribute to our knowledge or just sit back and enjoy the evening as it unfolds. We soon hope to add new 'poetic' ventures to Parwaz, till then, stay tuned.


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In our day to day lives, whenever we fall short of words to express ourselves, we tend to borrow lines from famous writers and poets. And well, we always find that one verse or couplet or idiom that was written for just this moment and just this occasion. From the plethora of gems that we have inherited over years and decades and centuries, we have picked up a few, stitched them with the designs from our creative team, and what comes out is a range of products that we have fallen in love with. Hope you will find them equally interesting. :)

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"पूछते हैं वो के "ग़ालिब" कौन है?
और मैं कहूँ...
एक सुरूर है, जो धडकनों में घुलता जाता है
एक नशा उस बादाख़ार का, जो हर पल बढ़ता है
एक तपिश ऐसी, जो महफिलों को गर्म रखती है 
एक सुख़नवर ऐसा, जिसकी कसमें नज़्में खातीं हैं
एक मुसाफिर ऐसा, जिसका रास्ता शहर देखता है
एक आशिक़ ऐसा, जो सबकी मोहब्बत को ज़ुबान देता है 
एक काफ़िर ऐसा, जो सबकी दुआओं में शामिल रहता है
और अब भी वो पूछते है के "ग़ालिब" कौन है?
कोई बतलाओ, के हम बतलाएं क्या?
~ (Poem by Prerak Vyas, co-founder Parwaz)

जितना बतलायें उतना कम है उस अज़ीम शायर के बारे में। फिर भी, एक छोटी सी कोशिश है, कुछ घंटों में चंद सदियां समेटने की, मुट्ठी में आकाश बटोर लेने की , या यूं कहें की चचा ग़ालिब के असीम canvas में अपना कोना ढूंढ़ने की।

For celebration of 220th birth anniversary of Mirza Ghalib, Team Parwaz in association with Delhi By Foot invite you all Ghalib lovers to celebrate "Everything Ghalib"....few hours traversing through his life and times, his personality, his poetry, the anecdotes of the Poet's wit & humour and ghaliban everything Ghalib :)

1) Heritage Walk in Old Delhi landmarks frequented by the great shayar and finally to Mirza Ghalib's Haveli in Ballimaran.
2) Ghalib-nama - 'Sher-o-Shayari' Poetry recitation & discussion of finer nuances of the Poet's legacy
3) Few fun games stitched around Ghalib's couplets like "Baet-Baazi!"
5) Ghalib Ke Khatoot - Dramatized Reading of Ghalib's Letters
6) Surprise gift for all participants!

DATE, TIME & DURATION: 24th December, 9:30AM
MEETING POINT: Chawri Bazaar metro station, exit # 3
CHARGES: 900/- Per Person. 
GROUP DISCOUNTS: Rs750/- Per Person for groups of 4 or more.
1) The presentation will be done in 'Hindi and Urdu' and bits of English!
2) This event is a curated event and is open exclusively for a selected audience, so prior booking is necessary. Please
BOOK HERE: events/#/buyTickets/ mirza.ghalib
3) Children below 15yrs are not allowed

For any queries, give us a buzz at 9810011955 / 9650515135.

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